artist statement

So often furniture sits idly by as we thoughtlessly use it in pursuit of our daily lives. We rely on chairs to bear the weight of our bodies as we sit, and we count on tables to hold any object we place upon them. Tables additionally carry the tremendous emotional and social weight of facilitating various gatherings from family mealtime to corporate board meetings. Many an intimate moment is shared around pieces of furniture, which act as passive objects within the context of our daily routines. My work suggests that it is time for the table to bring more to the table.

My practice is driven by my own experience as a queer woman navigating a patriarchal society. The sculptural furniture pieces challenge the negative connotations of queerness by using our expectation of the function of furniture as a platform to question the roles that gendering continues to play in our society. The work brings struggle to our mundane interaction with furniture in order to initiate discussions about the serious repercussions caused by systemic gender bias and the degradation of those who identify as women. I reclaim “the queer” by challenging gendered assumptions and discovering ways to transform furniture into true conversation pieces.